Please take a moment to review the Recruitment Process if you are going to apply for employment at SCIC.

Step 1: Research and choose the position and job you intend to apply for.

 Candidates read and research carefully the information related to the intended position in the "Recruitment" directory as well as information related to the policies, regulations, requirements for the job of SCIC.

Step 2: Register and apply

Candidate Download "Application form" here

Applicants fully and detailedly declare all information on the "Application form".

Candidates prepare fully and arrange documents in accordance with regulations (Can insert the link to the item of paint job application).

Candidates apply for SCIC recruiting department according to the content and recruitment information.

Step 3: Receiving, evaluating and documenting types

Time for application is at least 10 days, since the date of recruitment notice is published on the mass media by SCIC.

SCIC Recruitment Council based on recruitment criteria to synthesize, filter and approve applications.

Candidates who have a valid profile as required and have the qualifications and experience relevant to the position will be considered successful and will be selected to enter the next round.

Step 4: Examination / Admission

After screening and selecting the most suitable candidates, SCIC Recruitment Department will contact candidates directly to announce the admission to SCIC.

Step 5: Notice of receipt and supplementation of documents

Candidates who meet the requirements of the entrance examination / admission, SCIC will send a notice of admission and complete the relevant procedures to take a job.

Step 6: Get jobs and integrate new employees

After completing the procedures to accept a job, depending on the case, candidates may have to undergo probationary period before signing an official labor contract with SCIC.

Currently, the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) has no vacancy. Interested candidates please come back later.

Best regards.

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