Information regarding the offering of SCIC's shares in Vinaconex

Subject to instructions of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance, the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) is planning to divest all of its shares in Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Corporation (Vinaconex) whose trading code is VCG. Details of the offering are as follows:

Total number of shares to be offered: 254,901,153 shares, accounting for 57,71% of Vinaconex's charter capital (VND 4,417,106,730,000)

Offering method: Public auction for a single block of shares owned by SCIC in Vinaconex at the HNX

Auction time: Within Q.IV, 2018.

Participants that are eligible to take part in the auction include: Domestic investors (individual and institutional); foreign investors (individual and institutional); financial intermediaries taking investment trusts (in case of investments that are made on behalf of both domestic and foreign investors, the trustees are obliged to clearly and separately identify the specific number of investors, the number of subscribed shares for each domestic and foreign investor and to ensure a full compliance with existing foreign equity ownership limits whereby foreign investors can not jointly own more than 49% of Vinaconex’s charter capital).

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Details of the offering will be further disclosed by SCIC as soon as possible subject to current laws and regulations.