SCIC completed the roadshow of its share disposal at 4 companies NTP, BMP, DMC, FPT

Ho Chi Minh city, November 17, 2017 - SCIC in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh city Stock Exchane (HSX), related companies and the advisors hosted the roadshow of its share disposal at 4 companies, namely Tien Phong Plastic JSC (trading code: NTP), Binh Minh Plastic JSC (BMP), Domesco Medical Export-Import JSC (DMC) and FPT Corporation (FPT).

Attendance at the roadshow comprises representatives from relevant ministries and authorities and Ho Chi Minh city Stock Exchange (HSX).

There were approximately 200 participants in the roadshow, of whom over 180 are domestic investors and international institutions, credit entities, securities firms and media firms.

Representatives from 4 companies presented their companies’ business performance and development strategy. SCIC’s leader presented the divestment plan, the share offering procedure and answered to questions from interested investors in the roadshow.

According to the approved plan, SCIC will implement the share offering of these 4 companies’ shares in December 2017