SCIC granted “SCIC’s scholarship - Fostering young talents” 2017 for excellent students

Hanoi, September 28, 2017 - State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) hosted the scholarship granting ceremony for 15 excellent students in fields ò economics-finance from universities in Hanoi (Finance Academy, Banking Academy and National University of Economics).

This scholarship program is part of SCIC’s annual education support program which aims at students with excellent academic results and performance. Each scholarship values 10 million dongs.


SCIC’s Chairman, Mr Nguyen Duc Chi, granted “SCIC’s scholarship-Fostering young talents” to excellent students

Mr. Nguyen Duc Chi, SCIC’s Chairman, shared that by offering this scholarship, SCIC wanted to contribute to the community as well as the country’s development, of which the human resource is a main focus of SCIC.

Evaluating this program, Associate Professor, Doctor Truong Thi Thuy, Deputy Director of Finance Academy, said that as one of the selected universities in Hanoi from the start of this program, many students from the Academy had chance to experience and improve their capability by participating in this program. SCIC created a valued opportunity which helps students find way to improve themselves and help them better prepare for their career pathway. We looked forward to receiving SCIC’s support in the coming time.

In 2017, the selection process was undertaken carefully. Besides excellent academic results, students must possess other attributes such as their career plan, logical thinking and soft skills. Especially, selected students this year showed their ability of problem solving, teamwork, leadership skills and good English skills.

Nguyen Tuan Binh, a student from Banking Academy, one of the 30 selected students shared that SCIC’s scholarship was really meaningful for him as not only does it help him financially, but it also became a motivation for him to move forward in studies to gain better results in the future.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Chi congratulated all the selected students and hoped that they will try their best to become the future leaders of the country, deserve the family, university and society’s belief.

SCIC’s scholarship is an annual program that has been undertaken by SCIC for many years. For students, SCIC’s scholarship is regarded as a valuable scholarship in term of its valuation and this scholarship is really attractive for them as it opens opportunities for students to participate in seminars, workshops hosted by SCIC and may help granted ones be prioritized when SCIC opens recruitment. From 2008 to now, there have been 150 students granted this scholarship with the total value of 1.5 billion VND.


Excellent students granted “SCIC’s scholarship - Fostering young talents” 2017