Pursuant to Resolution No. 229/NQ-DTKDV.HDTV dated October 1, 2018 of SCIC's BOD regarding the planned sale of SCIC's shares in Vinaconex, and Resolution No. 246/NQ-DTKDV.HDTV dated October 18, 2018 of SCIC's BOD regarding the Sale of Shares Regulation and Information Disclosure pertaining to SCIC's sale of shares in Vinaconex, SCIC would like to announce as follows:


1. Address: Vinaconex Building, 34 Lang Ha, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Tel: (84.24) 6.2849.234                       Fax: (84.24) 6.2849.208

2. Main lines of business: Construction of civil, industrial, transport, hydro power, and technical infrastructure works, urban areas, industrial zones, hi-tech zones and other types of works; real estate construction investment and trading; producing and trading in commercial electricity, fresh water and building material; designing consultancy; education and training activities…

3. Charter capital: 4,417,106,730,000 VND.

II. Information of SCIC's sale of a single block of shares in Vinaconex:

1. Auctioned share's name: Shares of Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Corporation (Trading code: VCG)

2. Number of offered shares: 254,901,153 shares (equivalent to 57.71% of VCG's charter capital) (in word: Two hundred and fifty four million nine hundred and one thousand one hundred and fifty three shares)

3. Type of auctioned shares: Common shares; Face value: 10,000 VND/share

4. Auction method: Public auction sale of the entire block of shares in a single transaction, in which each investor must subscribe for the whole lot of shares offered.

5. Starting auction price: 21,300 VND/share; Price range: 100 VND; Number of bidding prices: Investors are allowed to offer 01 (one) price in their Auction Slip only; the total value at the respective bidding price is based on the whole lot of shares offered; the bidding price must be the multiple of 100 VND.

6. Valid bidding price: is the price of 01 (one) share that is not lower than the starting auction price and the lowest price at the auction day.

7. The maximum number of shares that foreign investors can buy: As Vinaconex is a multidisciplinary business company, it is strongly recommended that foreign investors carefully study Vietnamese laws concerning foreign equity ownership limit in companies.

8. Deposit: 10% of the value of the single block of shares at the starting auction price.

9. Auction organizer: Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX)

10. Adviser: Bao Viet Securities JSC

11. Information disclosure: Information is disclosed from October 24, 2018 on websites of SCIC, BVSC, HNX, Vinaconex, and Auction Agents. Information is disclosed on 3 consecutive issues of relevant newspapers (Dau tu chung khoan and Ha Noi Moi newspaper).

Investors participating in the auction can get the Information Disclosure, Auction Regulation and related documents on the following websites:,,, and at Auction Agents’ websites.

12. Procedures for company profile submission, auction participation registration and deposit payment:

- Company profile submission: From October 24, 2018 to 4:00pm November 13, 2018 at SCIC's Headquarters

- Time and venue of registration form distribution, registration procedure and auction slip submission: From October 26, 2018 to 4:00pm November 21, 2018 at Auction Agents (whose list and addresses are disclosed on the website of SCIC, BVSC, HNX and Vinaconex)

- Deposit payment time: From October 26, 2018 to 4:00pm November 21, 2018 (as per the Auction Regulation) - Investors can get the registration form at Auction Agents or download from the above-mentioned websites - Investors can get the Auction slips at Auction Agents (as per the Auction Regulation).

13. Time and venue of auction slip submission: At Hanoi Stock Exchange - 2 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi - Time: From 1:30pm to 2:30pm November 22, 2018.

14. Payment deadline: By December 4, 2018

15. Deposit return time: As per the Auction Regulation.

Attached documents:

(1). Information disclosure

(2). Regulation of the auction of SCIC's single block of shares in Vinaconex

(2.1). Templates attached to the Regulation

(3). Other documents (if any)