State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) would like to announced an agreement to sell shares of SCIC at Mien Trung Investment Development Joint Stock Company as follows:

  1. 1.Charter capital: 60,000,000,000 vnd

SCIC capital: 12,161,060,000 vnd

Main lines of business: Real estate investment, driver training, bus station operation ...

Share issuance plan:

- Chartered capital: VND 60,000,000,000.

- Chartered capital: VND 20,000,000,000.

- Chartered capital: VND 80,000,000,000.

- Issue plan: Issue to existing shareholders at the rate of 1: 0.3

- Price: 10,000 VND / share

- Record date for closing the list of shareholders: 16h00 on 04/5/2018

- Deadline for receipt of subscription and payment for share purchase: From 04/5/2018 to 16h00 on 12/5/2018

- Time for transfer of share purchase rights: From 04/5/2018 to 16h00 on 09/5/2018

  1. 2.Number of SCIC shares purchased: 405,368 shares. Starting price: 3,300 dong / right to buy 01 share (In words: Three thousand three hundred dong is entitled to buy one share)
  2. 3.Method of transfer of rights to buy: Sale agreement to investors under the following conditions:
  1. Investors submitted the memorandum of agreement to buy at the State Capital Investment Corporation (SOE) from 04/5/2018 to 16h00 on 07/5/2018 (according to confirmation letter of SCIC)
  2. The investors have to purchase the full subscription of the SCIC’s shares and pay a deposit of 10% of total value of the volume of shares registered for purchase, calculated at starting price to the following account:

Name Account: State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC)

Account number: 0011001703566 at Vietcombank

  1. In case of there is only one investor: The investor who bids at a price no less than the above-said starting price will be the successful bidder.
  2. In case of therer are more than two investors The investor who bids at a price no less than the above-said starting price will be the successful bidder. The securities firm will implement the competitive offer via balloting among these investors with the starting price being the highest equal price. The investor who pays higher is the one chosen to buy SCIC’s shares with the private placement method.
  3. Within 07 working days (after receiving the notice of the SCIC), According to the term A, if successful bidder who has not paid all the money to buy shares into the account , will be excluded from the list of investors to buy shares and do not get back the deposit,The next investor who meets the stipulated conditions will bought deal.
  4. 4.Time limit for payment of purchase rights: 12h00 on 08/5/2018 (calculated by time to bank account). If an investor who has been selected to purchase an agreement fails to pay the purchase price, the investor will be excluded from the list of investors purchasing the right to buy and not receive the deposit. Next, the principle of selling the right to buy will be chosen as an investor buying the deal. The payment deadline for the next investor selected in this case is 16h00 on 08/5/2018.
  5. 5.Time for transferring the right to buy: May 09, 2015.
  6. 6.Investors interested in buying SCIC's shares at Central Investment and Development Joint Stock Company would like to contact and submit the application for share subscription at the following address: Capital Investment and Trading Corporation Water, Floor 23 Charmvit Building, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Phone: 024.62780152 (ext 213).