State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) would like to announced an agreement to sell shares of SCIC at Vinh Industrial University as follows:

1. Charter capital: 139,500,000,000 VND

SCIC’s charter capital :   21,900,000,000 VND(15.70% of charter capital).

Main lines of business: Education, post-graduate education, university, college and professional level.

2. The number of SCIC’s shares at Vinh Industrial University: 2,190,000 shares, starting price: 10,000 VND / share (par value: 10,000 VND / share).

3. Investors submit the purchase agreement at Maritime Bank Securities Company from 25th October 2017 to 31st October 2017.

  1. All investors have to purchase the full subscription of the SCIC’s shares and pay a deposit of 10% of total value of the volume of shares registered for purchase, calculated at starting price to the following account:

- Name Account: State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC)

- Account number: 9999 9999 9992  at Lien Viet Post Bank.

- Contents: Name / ID card / Business Registration / date and place of issuance;  pay the deposit to buy shares of Vinh Industrial University.

 b. In case of there is only one investor: The investor who bids at a price no less than the above-said starting price will be the successful bidder.

 c. In case of therer are more than two investors The investor who bids at a price no less than the above-said starting price will be the successful bidder. The securities firm will implement the competitive offer via balloting among these investors with the starting price being the highest equal price. The investor who pays higher is the one chosen to buy SCIC’s shares with the private placement method.

 d. Within 07 working days (after receiving the notice of the SCIC), According to the term A, if successful bidder who has not paid all the money to buy shares into the account , will be excluded from the list of investors to buy shares and do not get back the deposit,The next investor who meets the stipulated conditions will bought deal.

4.Time and place for provision of application forms

At : Maritime Bank Securities Company

Address: Floor 1-3, Tower A, Sky City, 88 Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Phone: (84-4) 3776 5929                  Fax: (84-4) 3776 5928