Of State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) at Sai Son Cement JSC

(Second time)

1. Issuier: Sai Son Cement JSC

- Address: Nam Son village, Nam Phuong Tien commune, Chuong My, Hanoi

- Tel: (84-4) 3 313 2183

- Website:

2. Business line: cement, clinker, construction material manufacturing and trading

3. Chartered capital: 195,160,000,000 dongs (One hundred and ninety five billion one hundred and sixty million dongs)

4. Participation conditions: All investors that meet the auction regulation

5. Adviser: FPT Securities JSC (FPTS)

6. Number of available shares:

- Type of shares: common shares                     - Starting price: 10,000 dongs/share

- Par value: 10,000 dongs/share                                   - Price range: 100 dongs

- Number of shares available for each institutional and individual investor: min 5,000 shares, max 3,208,930 shares

7. Registration form distribution/receipt and deposit payment: as per the auction regulation issued by FPTS from 8:30 September 1, 2017 to 15:30 September 12, 2017

8. Registration submission time: By 15:00 September 13, 2017 (Details as per the regulation)

9. Offering result identification time: 15:00 September 13, 2017


- Address: 52 Lac Long Quan, Buoi Ward, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi

10. Outstanding amount payment and transfer contract signing

According to the offering result announcement issued by issuer, investors are to pay Enterprise Arrangement Fund the outstanding amount equivalent to the successfully purchased shares no later than 16:30 September 14, 2017.

- Payment amount: whole or partial payable amount to Enterprise Arrangement Fund that is equivalent to the purchased shares (Details as per the offering regulation)

Upon the completion of payment to Enterprise Arrangement Fund, SCIC and the successful investor will sign the share transfer contract (Template 08 - Competitive offering regulation)

11. Payment time: as per the offering regulation issued by FPTS.

12. Deposit return time: as per the offering regulation issued by FPTS.

 (Investors can refer the Prospectus and Offering Regulation at and